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Who are we?

Interdisciplinary Academy of Practical Medicine (IAMP) was registered in Medical Chamber in Warsaw as Training Institution No. 115/05. IAMP obtained the agreement of Presidium of General Medical Chamber for organizing postgraduate trainings for physicians on the territory of Poland.

What do we do?

We organize trainings for physicians of Basic Health Care and Specialists, which allows them to update practical information, including EBM (Evidence Based Medicine) principles. We organized in 2008: 12 trainings concerning rheumatic diseases, 7 trainings concerning diseases of modern civilization and 7 specialist, therapeutic workshops.

Our advantages:


Scientific patronage of State Specialists and lecturers:

  • For Rheumatic Diseases
  • For Internal Diseases
  • Employees of Scientific Institutes and Medical Universities - 48 professors and Ph.D s has delivered their lectures in 2008.


  • Diagnostic and therapy standards as well as fresh scientific reports are always obligatory
  • They are prepared on the high substantial level and concern practical aspects of problems raised on symposiums

The Original Agenda of meetings:

  • Invitation cards contain practical questions to lecturers, in order to clarify the text of the lecture
  • Presentations of Pharmaceutical companies are related to the programme of symposium

System of quality assessment:

The participants of symposiums asses:

  • General standard of the conference
  • Essence and manner of lectures
  • Presentation of pharmaceutical companies representatives

This enables to improve the standard of provided services in a consequent manner and on a current basis.

Modification of symposiums' programmes:

  • Response to medical innovations and needs of extending of already possesed knowledge by physicians.

Free participation of the physicians in trainings:

  • We provide our participants summary of training materials, sandwich break and ensure the possibility of gaining the educational points.
  • Symposiums are moderated by Specialists.

This enables the substantial discussion between lecturer, physician and pharmaceutical company.

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